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Get your clubs ready

Club Fitting with Adam White

“It is a privilege to be teaching the game of golf in Ann Arbor, the same town in which I learned this beautiful game. I’m excited for the opportunity to serve the local golf community, and I look forward to seeing you all at Lake Forest.”


“If you can strike the ball on the grooves of the club and get it airborne most of the time, you will benefit from club fitting.” The first goal during a fitting is to make it easier strike the ball in center of the club. Many factors, including length, lie angle, head design, shaft weight/flex, grip size and others will be evaluated to help you find the right equipment. Each and every golf swing is unique, so customizing your equipment to match your needs will help you play your best. Working with a variety of vendors such Mizuno, Srixon/Cleveland, Callaway, TaylorMade, Edel and others helps Adam find the ideal fit for your game. The latest technology TrackMan will be used to optimize your ball flight. The best part? Fitting will be conducted in the shade on Lake Forest range!

Questions? Reach out to Adam with questions


The club building/repair department offers re-shafting, length reductions or extensions, loft/lie adjustments and re-gripping. Have a set you like but need to re-shaft or adjust length? Have a driver with the wrong shaft flex or length? Grips getting slick? No matter your needs, we’ve got you covered. Using the best measuring equipment from Mitchell Golf ensured that each club matches the specs you need to play your best golf. 

Discuss your project ahead of time by emailing Adam at

Driver Fitting, 1 Hour 15 Minutes$150
Iron Fitting, 1 Hour 30 Minutes$180
Full Bag Fitting, 3 Hours 30 Minutes$400
Wedge Fitting, 1 Hour$120
Wood/Hybrid Fitting, 2 Hours$240
Full Bag (No Putter), 3 Hours$350
Bag Analysis, 1 Hour 30 Minutes$180
Fitting Fees 50% Refunded with Purchase of Clubs